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White Ops is an ad verification[1] and cybersecurity firm.[2]


White Ops was cofounded by chief scientist Dan Kaminsky[2][3] in 2012[4] with White Ops president Michael Tiffany,[5] Ash Kalb,[4] and Tamer Hassan,[6] the CEO of the company.[7] Gene Fay is the company’s COO.[8]

In 2016 discovered the Methbot network of bots.[9] More than six thousand online publishers and platforms were affected, including Facebook,[10] generating $3-$5 million in fraudulent ad revenue per day.[11] In 2017 White Ops then uncovered the 3ve bot network, one of the largest ad fraud enterprises yet discovered at 1.7 infected computers,[12] leading to thirteen Department of Justice indictments in 2018 after an investigation of the network with Google and the FBI.[13][14]

Originally operating to prevent ad fraud online, in 2018 White Ops expanded its ad fraud activities to include television.[15] It detects bots and bot networks and uses human verification as a part of the process. It processes a trillion transactions per month as of 2018.[16]


White Ops has produced reports on ad fraud with the Association of National Advertisers[17][18][19] since 2014.[20] In 2017 White Ops began partnering with The Trade Desk to block fraudulent impressions before advertisers make bids.[21] The following year, in 2018, WhiteOps began a similar partnership with Beachfront Media[22] and video management platform Telaria.[23] White Ops also partners with Adobe Advertising Cloud to provide independent third-party bot detection.[24]


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