Small Talks

Cayley Spivey of Small Talks (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, February 16, 2019)

Small Talks is the American indie rock and pop punk solo project of Cayley Spivey, a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina-based guitarist and singer-songwriter.[1] She (with the original three-piece band) released the EP Until It Turns to Petals in 2017.[2] Her solo debut and first full-length studio album A Conversation Between Us was released on February 1, 2019, via Common Ground Records.[3]


Cayley Spivey began writing acoustic songs in her bedroom by the age of 15, and soon began booking local shows at coffee shops in her native Myrtle Beach, S.C.[4] Originally formed as a three-piece band on May 31, 2015,[5] to perform Spivey's songs live, Small Talks performed a number of club and house shows around Myrtle Beach and developed a strong local following.

In January 2017, the band was signed to California-based label Common Ground Records[6] and released their debut EP Until It Turns To Petals, featuring the singles "New Dork Pity" and "Cop Car". That same year, the band was named co-winners of the "Skullcandy StayLoud Showdown",[7] headlined by Canadian band July Talk, earning themselves ten dates on the 2017 Van's Warped Tour.[8]

Over a number of months on tour, the backing members of the band left for a variety of personal reasons, leaving Small Talks as a solo project for Spivey. As a solo musician performing under the existing band name, Spivey released her full-length debut recording A Conversation Between Us on February 1, 2019, produced by Eli Strobeck. The album, an LP with more pop influence than her indie-styled debut EP, spun the singles "Oceans", "Quiet Sounds"[9], and “Nicotine & Tangerines”.[10]

The band has toured extensively, opening for a variety of acts including Can't Swim, Broadside, With Confidence, Chaos Chaos, The Regrettes, and Shortly, as well as headlining their own dates and performing at festivals such as Bled Fest in Howell, Michigan, and The Fest in Gainesville, Florida.

Personal life

Spivey identifies as pansexual, and refers to her sexuality – as well as her gender – as an integral piece of her sound, stating "a lot of my songs are inspired by relationships that I've had, and that comes from me being LGBTQ."[11]

Accompanying band

Current members

  • Cayley Spivey – vocals, guitar
  • Emma Oakley – guitar
  • Doug Smith – bass
  • Blake Byrd – drums

Past members

  • Justin Charette – drums
  • Kenny Kelly – bass


Studio albums

  • A Conversation Between Us (2019)


  • Until It Turns To Petals (2017)


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