Rose Creek (Haw River tributary)

Rose Creek (Haw River tributary) is located in North Carolina

Rose Creek is a 5.69 mi (9.16 km) long 2nd order tributary to the Haw River, in Rockingham County, North Carolina.


Rose Creek rises in Apple Pond located in Guilford County on the divide between Rose Creek and Reedy Fork. Rose Creek then flows northeast into Rockingham County to meet the Haw River about 1 mile southwest of Williamsburg, North Carolina.[2]


Rose Creek drains 5.69 square miles (14.7 km2) of area, receives about 46.2 in/year of precipitation, and has a topographic wetness index of 406.57 and is about 39% forested.[4]

Natural History

The Rockingham County Natural Heritage Inventory[5] recognized one location in the Rose Creek watershed, Williamsburg Alluvial Forest. Williamsburg Alluvial Forest is a county significant site that contains examples of Piedmont Alluvial Forest and Mesic Mixed Hardwood Forest.


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