Rosa de Saron

Rosa de Saron is a Brazilian rock band[1] with Christian themes formed within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement in 1988, in the city of Campinas, known for being one of the forerunners of Christian metal in Brazil.[2][3] Currently it is formed by Bruno Faglioni (vocals), Eduardo Faro (guitar), Rogério Feltrin (bass) and Wellington Greve (drums). In a short time Rosa de Saron began to compose his own songs and to participate in festivals, always guaranteeing the first placements, taking the band to be known in the musical scene of Campinas[4] and then to record his first album: Diante da Cruz. The second album, Angústia Suprema (1997), arouses interest outside the religious milieu and is highly praised by specialized magazines. In 1999, the band recorded Olhando de Frente. In 2002, after the exchange of vocalist (Marcelo Machado by the then new vocal Guilherme de Sá), due to the former vocalist claim not to be able to reconcile his other project with the band, Rosa de Saron launches Depois do Inverno, which shows the whole phase of renewal that the band was passing, already with Guilherme de Sá assuming the vocals, after having recorded a tape with his test. The record enshrines the band in the music scene. In 2005, he released Casa dos Espelhos and in 2007, the band recorded the Acoustic CD, where he recorded several of his acoustic hits, including the unreleased song "Monte Inverno".

In April 2008, to celebrate 20 years of career, they recorded the first DVD, and from that, the sixth CD, titled Acústico and ao Vivo. the CD / DVD is released by Codimuc and later released to re-release along with Som Livre in January 2009. It was also re-released in 2013, this time with Universal Music. The disc was certified with Gold Disc and later, Platinum Disc. After the notoriety with the acoustic format, they return to the electric format releasing the album Horizonte Distant, that granted the band a new Gold Record. In September 2010, the band recorded in São Paulo, its second live DVD, and coming from this the eighth CD, titled Horizonte Vivo Distante, with the participation of the singer Maurício Manieri in the song "Rara Calma", which was nominated for a Latin Grammy and once again awarded the band the Golden Record. Then they released an EP titled Siete Camiños, with songs re-recorded in other languages, taking advantage of the opportunity that the band had to present at World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. In 2012, backing to the studios, the band launches the CD O Agora e O Eterno, with 17 unpublished songs, which reaffirmed the vocation of good acceptance of the band in all means, religious or not, once again obtaining Gold Album by job. In 2013, they recorded the tenth CD and third live DVD of their career, titled Latitude, Longitude, recorded at Chevrolet Hall in Belo Horizonte, once again among the best sellers in the country. This work counted with the participation of Mauro Henrique from the band G3, Renato Vianna and Jonny Voice. In 2014, the album Cartas ao Remetente was released. In 2015, they recorded the twelfth CD and 4th live DVD of their career, titled Acústico and Vivo 2/3, which brought the band back to acoustic format. In 2016, to commemorate 28 years of career, the band launches the first compilation CD and DVD, Essencial, which brings tracks from the albums Acústico e ao Vivo (2008 on DVD), Horizonte Vivo Distante (2010), Latitude, Longitude (2013) and Acoustic and Live 2/3 (2015). In 2018, the band released the album Gran Paradiso.

On November 13, 2018, Guilherme de Sá announced his dismissal of Rosa de Saron, through video on the band's Facebook page.[5]

At midnight on March 8, 2019 the band released the clip of the song A Fênix, which announced the arrival of vocalist Bruno Faglioni to the band.


1988-1999: The early years

In the late 1980s, the group initially played during Masses and at the youth group in the Catholic Community of Infant Jesus of Prague, in the Cambui neighborhood of Campinas, São Paulo. In the mid-1990s, members of the Rosa de Saron band decided to use heavy rock to evangelize and to some extent leverage the Catholic rock circuit. In this phase the band was formed by Marcelo "Tchelão" Machado (vocal), Alessandro (drums), Eduardo "Duzinho" Faro (guitar), Alex Nozaki Mota (guitar), Rogério "Cazuza" Feltrin (bass) and Eduardo Bortolato).[6]

In 1994 the first album, Diante da Cruz, was released. The disc became a reference in the religious medium, for containing an unprecedented sound in its segment, mixing hard rock with heavy metal.[6][7] It was released independently on vinyl and cassette in 1995. In 1996, with the founding of Codimuc, the work was re-released.

After the release of the work, Alex Nozaki left the band, and Welington Greve (Grevão) takes the drums instead of Alessandro. In 1997 the band released the album Supreme Angústia, which was produced by Daniel Stiling.

In 1998, the group completed its 10 years of existence, and in the same year a show took place in the Parque do Taquaral, in Campinas, where the first Catholic rock festival in history was held.

As of 1999, the band started to admit other aspects of rock, and in the same period the band released the first Catholic single, Olhando de Frente, which had a pre-release on a band show at Canção Nova, in Cachoeira Paulista, on June 25, 1999. Shortly thereafter Marcelo Machado leaves Rosa de Saron to continue his work with The Flanders, claiming that it is difficult to reconcile the two bands. To replace Tchelão, they selected Guilherme de Sá in 2001, and released in 2002 the album Depois do Inverno, which marked a new phase in the band's career, with the highlight of the hit "Do Alto da Pedra".

On April 20, 2005, at Credicard Hall, the band participated in a DVD in celebration of 15 years of the record label Codimuc with 3 songs: "Do Alto da Pedra", "Sangria" and "Muitos Choram". In "Sangria", there was the participation of Marcelo Machado (the former vocalist). The date of the recording of the disc marked 20 days of the death of Pope John Paul II.

2005-2008: Other recordings

In 2005 was released the album Casa dos Espelhos. The release of the work took place in the Hopi Hari[2] and was attended by several names of Catholic music. It was produced by Guilherme de Sá, and the album won a series of shows by Brazil. In 2006 would be made the recording of the first DVD of the band, postponed and released in 2008.

In 2007, the album Acústico was released by the Codimuc label and produced by Guilherme de Sá.

On April 16, 2008, to celebrate 20 years of his career, they recorded in Valinhos the first DVD, titled "Acústico e ao Vivo". In July of the same year, Rogério Feltrin, bassist and founder of the band, published the book Rock, Faith and Poetry, which tells the story of the 20 years of Rosa de Saron and each song of the band.

2009-currently: Free Sound, Latin Grammy and 30 years

In January 2009, Som Livre, a label belonging to the Globo Organizations, began to distribute the Acoustic and Live DVD in partnership with Codimuc, thus starting a new phase in the band's career, with significant dissemination in the secular milieu. In December of the same year the album Horizonte Distante was released. On the album, the band merged a sonority close to alternative American rock. The repercussion of the album made the band for the first time nominated for the Latin Grammy in the category "Best Christian Music Album in Portuguese."[8][9]

In September 2010, the band recorded in São Paulo, their second live DVD entitled "Horizonte Vivo Distante", recorded at HSBC Brasil. The audience totaled more than 3,500 people and counted on the participation of Mauricio Manieri in "Rara Calma". The disc gave to the band the first gold disc of the Brazilian Association of the Producers of Discs (ABPD), being that both CD and DVD were certified.[10] Also, the disc received a nomination to the Latin Grammy.[11][12]

In 2011, the band released Siete Camiños, the second EP of the band and that contains seven songs of the group, being three in English and four in Spanish. [13] The following year, the DVD Rosa na Estrada was released, a documentary produced by TV Século 21 on the backstage and history of the band.

The band also played at the World Youth Day in Madrid in 2011.

In May 2012, with the production of Guilherme de Sá, was released the CD O Agora e o Eterno. This is considered by most to be the best studio work of the band.

In 2013, they record in Belo Horizonte, the third live DVD of the career, titled "Latitude, Longitude".

During WYD in Rio de Janeiro in 2013, the band played on the stage. Also there was participation of Guilherme de Sá and Rogério Feltrin in the Vigil and in Mass of Shipment presided over by the Pope Francis. On September 1, 2013, the first Latitude, Longitude, was performed in the city of São Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, in the Rincão do Senhor.

In 2014 the band released another album, Cartas ao Remetente, being the band's sixth project released by Som Livre.

On July 8, 2015, they recorded the 4th live DVD of their career, "Acústico e ao Vivo 2/3", in the studios of Rede Século 21, in Valinhos / SP, with the participation of Fábio de Melo, Lucas Lima and Jonathan Corrêa. On the official page of the band they made a thank-you full of emotion after the recording of this new DVD, always citing and thanking God.

On April 17, 2017 debut of the program "Casa da Rosa", in Rede Century 21, presented by the members of the band Rosa de Saron.

In February of 2018 is released the album Gran Paradiso that commemorates the 30 years of career of the band. The disc brings a new sound with influences of pop and electronic. The publicity tour begins in March of the same year and goes through several Brazilian cities.

On July 14, 2018 is held in Aparecida do Norte (SP) the show that commemorates the band's 30-year career. The show was attended by André Leitte, Shalom Missionaries, Anjos de Resgate and Thiago Brado. The show brought together fans from across the country and was broadcast live across the country. The show was reprisado by TV Aparecida in December.

In October 2018, Guilherme de Sá announced his departure from the band. A farewell tour was announced and had shows until February 2019.

In March 2019, A Fênix debut, the new single already with new vocalist, Bruno Faglioni. Music divides the audience, but it gains acceptance over time. Soon after, Um Dia is released and the band starts with the new vocalist a new tour.

Acoustic and Live DVD re-release

In 2013, Universal Music, originally distributed the CD and DVD Acústico and Ao Vivo in partnership with Codimuc, as a national distribution.

The official logo of the Band is a mandala created by Lize Borba for the DVD Acoustic and live. The most well-known explanation is that it represents the four members around the Eucharist (in the center) with the symmetry of a cross. But in an interview the own creator of the logo states: "It represents a stylized rose, seen from above. The four petals represent the four members of the Band that unite in a single head (same goal), and this object is finished with the general image inspired by the Cross of St. Benedict. Thus, this would be the true meaning".


Current training

  • Bruno Faglioni - Vocal (2019 - present)
  • Eduardo Faro - Guitar (1990 - present)
  • Rogério "Lerão" Feltrin - Low (1988 - present)
  • Wellington "Grevão" Greve - Drums (1995 - present)

Support Musicians

  • Adriano Mota - Guitar (2011 - present)

Former members

  • Marcelo "Tchelão" Machado - vocal (1988 - 2000)
  • Alessandro "Sandão" - battery (1988 - 1995)
  • Alex Nozaki - guitar (1990 - 1995)
  • Eduardo Bortolatto - keyboard (1990 - 1998)
  • Paulo Faganello - keyboard (2002)
  • Guilherme de Sá - vocal (2001 - 2019)
  • Marcus Paulo - Keyboard and Backing Vocal (2014 - 2019)
  • Fábio Corrêa - Keyboard (2016)
  • Gustavo Leite - keyboard (2008 - 2012)
  • Eduardo Veloso "Du Bboy" - DJ, VJ and Backing vocal (2009 - 2015)


Studio albums

  • 1994: Diante da Cruz
  • 1997: Angústia Suprema
  • 2002: Depois do Inverno
  • 2005: Casa dos Espelhos
  • 2007: Acústico
  • 2009: Horizonte Distante
  • 2012: O Agora e o Eterno
  • 2014: Cartas ao Remetente
  • 2018: Gran Paradiso

Live albums

  • 2008: Acústico e Ao Vivo
  • 2010: Horizonte Vivo Distante
  • 2013: Latitude, Longitude
  • 2015: Acústico e Ao Vivo 2/3


  • 1999: Olhando de Frente
  • 2011: Siete Camiños


  • 2016: Essencial


  • 2013: Aurora (Participation: Renato Vianna, Jhonny Voice)
  • 2018: Invisibili Orme (Participation: Sister Cristina)
  • 2019: A Fênix
  • 2019: Um Dia
  • 2019: Esperando na Janela (Cogumelo Plutão Cover)
  • 2019: Somos (Participation: Thiago Brado)


Live DVDs

  • 2008: Acústico e Ao Vivo
  • 2010: Horizonte Vivo Distante
  • 2013: Latitude, Longitude
  • 2015: Acústico e Ao Vivo 2/3

Collectings in DVD

  • 2016: Essencial

Documentary DVDs

  • 2011: Rosa na Estrada


  • 2008 - Rock, Faith and Poetry - 20 years of Rosa de Saron narrated through their music. Written by bassist and founder Rogério Feltrin. 234 pages. Editora Pontes
  • 2016 - Collectors of Stories - Rogério Feltrin. 190 pages. Editora Planeta do Brasil LTDA.


  • 2009 - Troféu Louvemos ao Senhor
    • Best band
    • Best singer (Guilherme de Sá)
    • Best song (Rara Calma)
  • 2010 - Troféu Louvemos o Senhor
    • Best band
    • Best vocalist (Guilherme de Sá)
    • Best male performer (Guilherme de Sá)
    • Latin Grammy nomination for best Christian CD in Portuguese (Horizonte Distante)
  • 2011 - Troféu Louvemos o Senhor
    • Best singer: Guilherme de Sá
    • Best guitarist: Eduardo Faro
    • Best bassist: Rogério Feltrin
    • Best drummer: Wellington Greve
  • 2011 - Latin Grammy nomination as Best Christian CD in Portuguese (Horizonte Vivo Distante)
  • 2013 - Troféu Louvemos o Senhor
    • Best band
    • Best rock album
  • 2013 - Gold Album
    • By the CD O Agora e o Eterno
  • 2014 - Troféu Louvemos o Senhor
    • Best DVD Burning: Latitude Longitude
    • Best DVD of the Year: Latitude Longitude
    • Best band singer: Guilherme de Sá
    • Best bassist: Rogério Feltrin
    • Best guitarist: Eduardo Faro
    • Best drummer: Wellington Greve
    • Best music of the year: Aurora


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