Noknoi Uraiporn

Noknoi Uraiporn[1] (Thai: นกน้อย อุไรพร) (b. 11 October 1957 —) is a famous Thai Luk thung and Mor lam singer. She is a leader of Mor lam band Sieang Isan (เสียงอีสาน). She has many popular songs, including "Nok Jaa", "Loei Wela Kid Hid", "Mon Phleng Sieng Isan", "Phab Tay Winyan Rak", etc.

Early life

At birth she was named Urai Sihawong. She was born on 10 October 1957 in Sisaket Province. She was the daughter of Som and Phan Sihawong.


She started performing in 1970 in a contest. She appeared in many music contests, often winning. After that, she become popular and joined Mor lam band "Phetpinthong" presented by Nophadon Duangporn. In 1975 she released "Nok Ja". She then took the stage name Noknoi Uraiporn.

She left Phetpinthong in 1975, and married Maiyakit Chimluang. After that, she founded a Mor Lam band by herself named Sieng Isan. This failed due to lack of performance in a show. She left music for 10 years. She created another Mor lam band and became popular. It discovered many Mor lam singers inciuding Poyfai Malaiporn,[2] Siriporn Ampaipong and Maithai Huajaising. She sang and wrote Mor lam songs, including "Mor lam Glon". Her band appeared around Thailand and other countries. She was called "Queen of Mor lam" in the 21st-century.


She was charged with property fraud in 2019, because she was unable to repay debts totalling 3.8 million baht[3] (or $125,000).[4][5]


She received the 2016 "Hemaraj" award as an "Original Person in Culture".[6]

Partial discography

  • Nok Jaa
  • Loei Wela Kid Hid
  • Mon Phleng Sieng Isan
  • Phab Tay Winyan Rak


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