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Miriam Toukan (in Arabic: مريم طوقان), is an Arab singer, lawyer, Christian, Palestine. He resides in Israel. Peace activist from his youth through his musical career and participating in volunteer projects.
Born on July 6, 1982, in the village of I'billin in Galilee
Lawyer and lawyer, she obtained her degree (LL.B.) from Haifa University, with an interest in International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and the defense of human rights. He collaborates with several peace movements such as "Combatants for Peace", "Women Wage Peace", "Taghyeer" and many others.
He has led along with singers and women activists marches for peace [1], participating in different international conferences on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and has taken it with concerts all over the map of Israel - Palestine Germany (Berlin), Switzerland ([[Zurich] ] and Geneva, Kreuzlingen), Spain (Córdoba, Sevilla, Cadiz), France ([[Nimes] ], Toulouse), Italy (Bergamo), Armenia and Brazil (Curitiba) ...


1994: Beginnings in music

At the age of 12, Miriam Toukan became a soloist in the choir of his church in his village I'billin. Two years later he joined the 'Alkarawan Choir' ', with a tour of Finland, Estonia, Czech Republic and Jordan.
She was the first Arab participant of 'Kokhav Nolad' , an Israeli song contest inspired by 'American Idol' , and the first person to sing in Arabic on the show in a maximum audience schedule.
In 2003, he published his first hit " 'Maqhana' ", written by the famous Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasim and composed by the musician 'Nabih Awad' , released after his participation in the 'AraVision Festival' for the local Arabic song.
In 2004, she was chosen to participate in an international musical project sponsored by the European Union called " 'Youth' ". Young musicians from countries in conflict met in Germany for 3 weeks to work on an international album called "Peace."
His first album is " 'Christmas Eve' ", December 2008, produced by the violinist Moen Daniel. Miriam Toukan collaborated with a wide range of internationally recognized musicians and artists such as Gheorghe Zamfir, the Romanian flute master Pan, Alon Olearchick, Karin Blumin, Kamal Suliman, Zohar Fresco, Modus Quartette and others.
In 2012, his Arabic version of Fun's song, "We are young" [2], with a video clip dedicated to the nation Syria.
He performed at the Ethnic Festival in Cyprus. He played a main character in the musical " 'Atmet Nissan' ", which means "Darkness of April".
She was hired as an artist of OLmusic, an international agency.
In December 2012 and December 2013, he performed at the World Concert in Bern, Switzerland, for peace between religions.
In January 2014, she was chosen to sing to the world at the “ 'The Peres Center for Peace' ” in Jaffa, a concert broadcast live to many countries around the world.
From 2013 to the present, Miriam Toukan is the soloist of the project Quartetoukan, a musical project that unites cultures and people through songs and melodies.
In June 2014, she was chosen by SACH (Save a Child's Heart) to promote and perform at a concert / charity event in Paradiso Amsterdam with the famous singer Karin Bloemen and Rami Kleinstein. All proceeds from the concert went to SACH to sponsor several surgeries for children from different countries.

Currently, Miriam Toukan works on her new album and hopes to publish it at the end of 2019. At the moment 5 singles and two clips have been released. He has toured North Rhine - Westphalia of Germany of 16 concerts and a great conference for Peace in Bethlehem, where he will release the new song on violence to Women “No more Roses”.


  • 2008: Christmas Eve
  • 2011: Miriam Toukan


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