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Mariel Racauchi also known by her stage name Mery (born November 17, 1990) is an Argentinian Performer, Singer, Fashion Designer, Model, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist based in New York City. In 2013, Mery catapulted herself into mainstream recognition with the creation of her eponymous fashion brand and the opening of her first store in Palermo Soho, Argentina. [1]

Early Life

In 2000, At 10 years old, Mery discovered her passion for music [2] and performance when she joined the school band as a singer/guitarist at Blue Bell primary school in Buenos Aires. [3] In 2007, Mery set her sights on Fashion design while attending St-Xavier High School. She launched her first clothing brand as a junior selling hoodies on Facebook and would later design the costumes for the graduation party for her entire class as a senior. From 2009-2013, Mery attended the University of Palermo earning degrees in fashion design, styling, make-up design, and photography. [4]


After graduating from art school in 2013, Mery found success organizing pop ups to sell one of one hand-painted pieces and custom shoes. Mery drew the attention of Loli Esposito's stylist who bought a pair of Mery's custom shoes for Esposito's appearance on the Nickelodeon Awards. Following the awards, awareness of Mery's brand exploded as more celebrities began reaching out for pieces, including Tini Stoessel and Oriana Sabatini. Mery capitalized on the growing momentum by organizing a fashion show Where models such as María Del Cerro, Eva De Dominici and Delfi Ferrari showcased her designs. [5] Soon after the show, Mery opened her first retail store and expanded her offerings by incorporating everything from bags, swimwear, dresses, jackets, and more. [6]

Fashion and Music

In 2016, Mery moved to New York and began work as a model for brands such as Bvlgari, Marc Jacobs and Ray-Ban before starting her first NYC based shoe line “MERY by Mery” within half a year. Mery's loud and unapologetic designs garnered the attention of celebrity influencers such as Paris Hilton.

In 2018, Mery and model Sofia Resing collaborated to form the swimwear company, “MERY PLAYA” [7] which debuted during New York Fashion Week in September.

In 2019, Mery began her music career with the release of her first single “AT 11:11”, [8] which gained popularity after being picked up by iHeartRadio. Her second single “Red String” was released in December with an EP expected in Spring 2020. [9]


Selected Singles

Year Song Title Album Details
2019 AT 11:11 -
2019 Red String -



  • Uncut Gems (2019)


  • The Village (2018)
  • When They See Us
  • Manifest (TV series)
  • Billions (TV series)


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