List of FBI characters

This is a list of fictional characters in the television series FBI. The article deals with the series' main, recurring, and minor characters.


Name Portrayed by Position Seasons
1 2
Maggie Bell Missy Peregrym Special Agent Main
Omar Adom "O.A." Zidan Zeeko Zaki Special Agent Main
Jubal Valentine Jeremy Sisto Assistant Special Agent in Charge Main
Kristen Chazal Ebonée Noel Special Agent (formerly Analyst) Main
Dana Mosier Sela Ward Special Agent in Charge Main
Isobel Castlle Alana de la Garza Special Agent in Charge Main
Stuart Scola John Boyd Special Agent Main[a]
  1. ^ Recurring in episodes 1-4 of season 2, main from episode 5 onwards

Maggie Bell

Special Agent Maggie Bell is an FBI agent based at the New York City field office. In the pilot, it is established that she comes from Indiana and has been in New York City for three years.[1] A former police officer, she was recommended to the join the FBI after working with them on a kidnapping case back in Indiana.[2] She is partnered with O.A., who joined the NYC field office after an undercover operation.

Maggie was happily married to reporter Jason Bell, who died in a car accident.[3][4] Throughout season 1, she is seen secretly looking at photos and videos of Jason on her phone. She generally refused to talk about him to her colleagues, although O.A. seems to have known about her being a widow from the beginning.[1][5] In the episode "Exposed", she finally confesses to O.A. that she has been having a hard time coping with Jason's death and has yet to clear out his closet.[3] While investigating the murder of an investigative journalist in that episode, the team realize they are dealing with a professional assassin who has left a trail of bodies spanning several states and Maggie recognizes the man's face in a video she took of Jason, leading to her suspicions that the car accident Jason died in was engineered. She gets closure in the season 1 finale when she and her team apprehend the real perpetrator.[4]

Omar Adom "O.A." Zidan

Special Agent Omar Adom "O.A." Zidan is an FBI agent based at the New York City field office. A native of New York City, he returned to his hometown after a stint undercover tracking down jihadist terrorists.[1] He is a practicing Muslim and is of Egyptian heritage, having grown up in Astoria, Queens where there is a sizable Egyptian-American community.[6] While he proudly identifies with his religion and heritage, he prefers to be called "American" rather than "Egyptian".[7] He has a particular distaste for right-wing extremists, having seen his faith utilized for all the wrong reasons during his previous undercover assignment[8] and endured bullying and Islamophobic remarks in school after the September 11 attacks.[6]

O.A.'s encyclopedic knowledge of the Quran and fluency in speaking and reading Arabic has proven useful at times.[8][7] According to Dana he is the NYC field office's only Arabic-speaking agent with undercover experience.[9]

O.A. graduated from the United States Military Academy and left the Army with the rank of captain. His military background has proven useful as he is familiar with various types of ballistics and firearms and their uses.[5] He served on two tours in Iraq on Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Series creator Dick Wolf was initially casting a Latino for the ambiguously-named role of "O.A." but Zaki's audition tape impressed him enough to change the character to mirror Zaki's own ethnicity and background. Like the character, Zaki is a Muslim Egyptian-American who speaks Arabic and still has relatives in Egypt. Zaki has stated that Wolf and his writing team encouraged him to give input into his character to provide more authenticity.[10]

Jubal Valentine

Assistant Special Agent in Charge (ASAC) Jubal Valentine is the second-in-command and coordinates the activities and movements of analysts and field agents from the Joint Operations Command (JOC) room. Jubal usually stays behind at the field office to run operations but has been out in the field several times to assist with undercover stings.[9] He trusts his agents implicitly and gives them the benefit of the doubt that they will rely on their training and good judgement out in the field.

Jubal is divorced but he and his ex-wife Samantha are on friendly terms and share custody of their two children, although she has physical custody of them. As part of their divorce agreement, she cannot move the children without his consent. This posed a conundrum for him when her new boyfriend got a job in Westchester County and she came to him asking for his consent to move the children out of New York City to the suburbs. He finally agrees after going to check out the new house and neighborhood for himself.[11]


  • James Chen as Ian Lim, an FBI analyst


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