Kathleen Gallagher (New Zealand writer)

Kathleen Gallagher (born 1957) is a playwright, filmmaker, poet, and novelist from New Zealand.[1][2][3][4]


Gallagher was born in Christchurch, New Zealand.[1] She started writing at age 18[1] after learning how few female playwrights there were,[2], and was writing plays for theatre by 1984.[5] Gallagher has written and produced at least 15 plays,[2][1] working with the Blue Ladder Theatre Group and the Women's Action Theatre[1] Her plays have been performed both on stage and on radio, in New Zealand and in Australia.[1][3] She also wrote poetry at the same time and has published three collections.[1] Another New Zealand poet, Dame Fiona Kidman, described her work saying "the presentation of these poem is exquisite, the work itself is interesting and image laden, often delicate in style."[1]

Gallagher is an advocate for peace, and has directed multiple documentaries on the environment, spirituality, and the peace movement.[2] These include the documentary Peaceful Pacific, and the documentary Tau Te Mauri – Breath of Peace, which describes New Zealand's peace movement towards becoming nuclear-free.[1] The film Seven Rivers Walking – Haere Mārire, which she co-directed with Galyene Barns, premiered at the 2017 NZ International Film Festival.[6]

Gallagher has an ATCL in drama from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, a BA in history and religious studies from the University of Canterbury, and a Postgraduate Diploma in accounting from Victoria University of Wellington.[1] She has worked as an accountant and has lectured accounting and taxation at the University of Auckland and Nelson Polytechnic.[1]


New Zealand Playwrights Award 1993 – winner[5][3]

New Zealand Radio Awards 1996 – finalist for Charlie Bloom[1][5][3]

New Zealand Media Peace Awards 1996 – finalist for Charlie Bloom[1][5][3]

Sonja Davies Peace Award 2004 – winner for Tau Te Mauri – Breath of Peace[1][7]

World Peace Film and Music Festival – commended for He Oranga, He Oranga[1]


Film and television

Jimmy Sullivan (2000) as director and writer[2]

Tau Te Mauri – Breath of Peace (2004) as director and writer[2]

Peaceful Pacific (2004) as director[2]

He Oranga, He Oranga (2007) as director, writer and producer[2]

Barefoot Peacemakers (2008) as producer[2]

Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku (2009) as director, writer and producer[2]

Water Whisperers Tangaroa (2010) as director, writer and producer[2]

Sky Whisperers Ranganui (2011) as director, writer and producer[2]

Nancy Wake: The White Mouse (2014) as executive producer[2]

Hautu (2016) as director[2]

Seven Rivers Walking – Haere Mārire (2017) as co-director[6]

Poetry collections

Tara (1987)[1][3]

Gypsy (1993)[1][3]

Twilight Burns the Sky (2001)[1][3]

Plays and play collections

Mothertongue (1999), a collection of four plays: Mothertongue and Jacaranda (both written with Kate Winstanley), and Offspring and Banshee Reel (both written with Gen Rippingale)[8]

Peace Plays (2002), a collection of three plays: Charlie Bloom, Hautu, and Shanty and the Angel.[9] Charlie Bloom was first performed in 1996.[1]

Earthquakes & Butterflies (2018)[10], an adaptation of her 2015 novel


Earthquakes & Butterflies – Otautahi Christchurch (2015)[1][10]

Īnangahua Gold (2018), with drawings by Michael Coughlan[11]


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