Jeffrey Frentzen

Jeffrey Scott Frentzen (born September 7, 1956), sometimes credited as Jeff Frentzen, is an American novelist, journalist, screenwriter, movie producer, director, and actor. He directed his first film, House on the Hill, in 2012.

Early life

Frentzen was born in Oakland, California, and was raised in Orinda, California. His father was an insurance adjuster and his mother a stay-at-home mom. He graduated from the University of California[1].

Journalism, Non-Fiction Books and Novels

He began his career in print journalism, and was the first managing editor of Cinefantastique, a movie special effects journal where he also published movie reviews. He has written for Video Watchdog and Fangoria. His lengthy career in computer high-tech trade press magazines began at IDG and then moved to Ziff-Davis, and included PC Week (later eWeek)[2]. Eventually, he worked for CNET, leaving that firm in 1997 in an executive role[1]. He is credited with co-creating one of the first commercial websites, in 1993, called PC Week Online, and helped develop an early content format for podcasting ("PC Week Radio"). He has been active as a film producer-writer-director since 1997, and continues to work as a journalist in the high-tech and medical industries. He was an executive producer for Aesthetic TV, an online TV production house, from 2012 to 2017, and is a regular contributor to The Aesthetic Channel.

Frentzen co-wrote (with David J. Schow) The Outer Limits Companion (Ace Books, 1986), and in 1998 published Javascript Annotated Archives (Osborne/McGraw-Hill, Berkeley), co-written with Henry Sobotka and Dewayne McNair)[3]. He is the pseudonymous author of three novels, The Bayou Brigade (1981) and Star of Egypt (1981), part of the "Ben Slayton, T-Man" series from Warner Books, writing as "Buck Sanders"[4]; and a self-published novel, My Summer With the Family (1992), authored by "Joe Hudson."


Frentzen moved into film production in 1997 when he partnered with German expatriate director Ulli Lommel, with whom he worked on several productions[1]. In 2005, Frentzen and Lommel formed a movie production company, The Shadow Factory, where they made several micro-budget horror movies that were released by a Lionsgate Entertainment subsidiary, Artisan. In 2012, Frentzen directed his first film, House on the Hill, for which he also co-wrote the script and co-produced[5]. The film premiered In Europe in competition at the Monaco Charity Film Festival in May, 2012.

In 2014, Frentzen wrote the documentary, Ode To My Mother, and has also produced or directed a series of music videos for folk rock performer Janine Ferguson. Frentzen is credited as screenwriter of Georges Chamchoum's feature film, 9 Women, which is still in development.


  • The Bayou Brigade (1981)
  • Star of Egypt (1981)


  • The Outer Limits: The Official Companion (with David J. Schow) (1986)
  • Javascript Annotated Archives (with Henry Sobotka and Dewayne McNair) (1998)


  • Bloodsuckers (1997) (a.k.a., I Want To Be a Vampire / Boogeyman Vampire Club 4) Producer
  • (2000) Producer
  • September Song (2000) Associate Producer
  • Danny and Max (2000) (a.k.a. Monkey Rap) Screenwriter, Assistant Director
  • Killer Pickton (2006) Co-writer, Co-producer, Actor (as Curtis Graan)
  • The Raven (2006) Co-executive producer, Actor (as Curtis Graan)
  • Black Dahlia (2006) Producer, Story, Actor (as Curtis Graan)
  • The Tomb (2007) Executive Producer
  • Diary of a Cannibal (2007) Executive Producer
  • House on the Hill (2012) Director, Co-writer, Co-producer, Editor
  • Ode to My Mother (2014) Writer, Associate Producer


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