Jamaterek is located in Xinjiang

Jamaterek (Chinese: 加马铁热克乡; pinyin: Jiāmǎtiěrèkè Xiāng) is a township of Akto County in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. Located in the northeastern part of the county, the township covers an area of 44 square kilometers with a population of 11,398 (as of 2017). It has 7 administrative villages under its jurisdiction. Its seat is at Bagla Village (巴格拉村).[1]


The name of Jamal terek is from Uyghur language, Jamal is a personal name, and terek means "poplar tree" (杨树). It is said that 250 years ago (about 1770s), there was a tall poplar tree in Tairegeilikehuoyila (台热给力克霍伊拉), near which lived a capable woman named Jamal Han, so the land was named after it.[2]


Jamaterek Township is located between the east longitude 76°36′- 76°41′ and the north latitude 39°04′- 39°29′, to the northeast of the county seat. It is bordered by Shufu County to the east and south, by Pilal Township and Tortayi Farm to the west, by the 41st Regiment (41团) of the XPCC across Yuepuhu River (岳普湖河) to the north. Its maximum distance is 10 kilometers from west to east and 6 kilometers from north to south, with a total area of 44 square kilometers, arable land area of 2,240 hectares. The seat of the township is 15 kilometers away from the county seat, with a road mileage of 20 kilometers.

The average elevation of Jamaterek Township is 1,302 meters. The terrain is flat, the groundwater level is high, the climate is mild, the precipitation is scarce, the annual average temperature is 17.5℃, and the frost-free period is 180 - 220 days. It is a agriculture-oriented, animal husbandry, forest fruit industry coordinated development of agricultural township, mainly planting wheat, corn, cotton and other crops.[3]

Administrative divisions

The township has 7 villages under its jurisdiction.[4]

7 villages
  • Bagla Village (巴格拉村)
  • Kashboy Village (喀什博依村)
  • Konahoyla Village (阔纳霍伊拉村)
  • Koshterek Village (阔什铁热克村)
  • Sakkizerik Village (赛克孜艾日克村)
  • Tortay Village (托尔塔依村)
  • Wukamaili Village (乌卡买里村)


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