Chase Langford

Chase Langford (born 1960, Pontiac, Michigan) is a Los Angeles-based American contemporary painter known for his paintings, inspired by geography and maps.[1][2][3][4]


Langford attended the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and studied cartography.[5][6]


After graduation he started working with the Geography department of UCLA as their staff cartographer.[7] Using his cartographic expertise he took geographic forms and filled the shapes in with colorful and expressive brushwork. These “map-paintings” were featured in the book ‘The Map as Art, Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography’.[8] Langford gradually departed from using exact cartographic representation to fully abstract and expressionist works. Langford started to sell his painting in his home and studio at invite only events. In 2011 he was contacted by San Diego based artist Amber George who invited him to take part in a group show she was curating at the Susan Eley. After taking part in a few more group shows Amber George help Langford put together his first solo show.[1]


Langford’s work is primarily oil paintings on canvas or wood panel.[9] Some include metallic paints containing bronze or aluminum.[10] There is also some work on paper.[11]


Langford’s work is in the collection of a few celebrities, hotels and museums, including[12]:

  • Magic Johnson[12][13]
  • The Saudi Royal Family[12]
  • Paris Hotel Las Vegas[12]
  • Caesars Palace Hotel Las Vegas[12]
  • The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Austin, Texas[12]
  • Monique Lhuillier[12][7]
  • Pete Sampras[7]
  • Four Seasons in Hong Kong[12][7]
  • The Long Beach Museum of Art[14]
  • Nordstrom Stores[7]


Langford’s work has been exhibited in many galleries, including[15]:

  • Eisenhauer Gallery, Edgartown, MA[16]
  • Foster/White Gallery in Seattle, WA[12][17][18][19]
  • Susan Eley Fine Art, New York City[20][21][22]
  • Elder Gallery of Contemporary Art, Charlotte, NC[23][7]
  • Coagula Curatorial, Los Angeles, CA[24]
  • Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA[25]


His work has been featured in Metropolitan Home,[26] and Huffington Post[27] and Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine.[28]


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