BRW Rich 200, 2016

The BRW Rich 200, 2016 is the 33rd annual survey of the wealthiest people resident in Australia, published in The Australian Financial Review on 27 May 2016.[1][2] From its establishment in 1984 and up until the publication of the 2016 list, the survey had been published in either hardcopy and/or online format in the BRW, or formerly, the Business Review Weekly. On 4 March 2016, Fairfax Media announced the closure of the BRW website, and redirected the site to a new section of The Australian Financial Review. Rich lists are now published in The Australian Financial Review Magazine and in 2017 were rebranded as the Financial Review Rich List.[3]

In the 2016 list, the net worth of the wealthiest individual, Harry Triguboff AO, was A$10.62 billion. The combined wealth of the 200 individuals was calculated as A$197.3 billion;[2] compared with a combined wealth of A$6.4 billion in 1984 when the BRW Rich 200 commenced.[4]

List of individuals

2016[1] Name Citizenship Source of wealth 2015[5]
Rank Net worth
A$ bn
Rank Net worth
A$ bn
1 Increase 10.62 Increase Harry Triguboff AO  Australia Meriton Apartments 3 Increase 10.23 Increase
2 Increase 10.35 Decrease Anthony Pratt  Australia Visy Industries; Pratt Industries 2 Steady 10.76 Increase
3 Decrease 8.26 Steady Frank Lowy AC  Australia Westfield; property (shopping centres) 4 Steady 7.84 Increase
4 Decrease 6.06 Decrease Gina Rinehart  Australia Hancock Prospecting; investment 1 Steady 14.02 Decrease
5 Increase 5.45 Increase John Gandel AO  Australia Property (shopping centres) 8 Decrease 4.40 Increase
6 Decrease 5.39 Decrease Hui Wing Mau  People's Republic of China
Shimao Property 5 Increase 6.89 Increase
7 Steady 5.00 Decrease James Packer  Australia Crown Resorts; Consolidated Media Holdings 7 Decrease 6.08 Decrease
8 Increase 3.33 Increase Andrew Forrest  Australia Fortescue Metals Group 9 Decrease 2.83 Decrease
9 Decrease 3.33 Decrease Ivan Glasenberg  Australia[7]
 South Africa
Glencore commodities trading 6 Increase 6.14 Decrease
11 Decrease 2.88 Increase Stan Perron AM  Australia Property 10 Increase 2.65 Decrease
Icon Description
Steady Has not changed from the previous year's list
Increase Has increased from the previous year's list
Decrease Has decreased from the previous year's list


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