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Robert Lewis "Bob" Chipman (born February 20, 1981), also known by his Internet pseudonym MovieBob, is an American media critic, writer, journalist, and video producer.

He is known for his web series The Big Picture on Escapist Magazine, film reviews on Escapist and, and independent YouTube series like In Bob We Trust, Really That Good, and The Game OverThinker.



Chipman began his career in 2002 as a guest critic on a review show at a local public access station in Essex County, Massachusetts, lasting until 2004. His early solo work was published on Blogger starting in 2005.

In 2006, Chipman started a YouTube channel and initially posted fake movie trailers. In 2008, he launched Game OverThinker, a web series primarily about video game analysis but eventually gained a narrative framing device. That series was eventually picked up by ScrewAttack.

The Escapist

In 2010, The Escapist contracted Chipman as a film critic, giving him a weekly series entitled Escape to the Movies.

Its success allowed for the creation of a sister series, The Big Picture, which became Chipman's main outlet for commenting on pop culture news, history, and politics. In addition, Escape to the Movies was paired with a column entitled Intermission, meant to either comment further on that week's reviewed film or explore a trend in cinema.

In 2015, Chipman was laid off by The Escapist, during a purge of contracted video producers that left the website in decline.


Shortly after leaving The Escapist in 2015, Chipman returned to ScrewAttack to revive The All-New Game OverThinker and launch a spiritual successor to The Big Picture, entitled In Bob We Trust. Due to legal ambiguity, the graphics and titles from The Big Picture were largely replaced.

As a film critic, he gained viral attention with an independent review of the 2015 film Pixels,[1][2] and subsequently joined to continue his review series.

In addition, he launched a Patreon page in conjunction with a new independent series called Really That Good. Starting with Ghostbusters, the series focuses on highlighting the positive elements and impact of a film, with the exception of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was deconstructed in the one-time spinoff Really That Bad.[3] A companion series called Good Enough Movies (GEMs), focusing on not-so-acclaimed good films, ran in tandem with the early episodes of Really That Good.

In 2016, Chipman joined Screen Rant as a news contributor. That same year, In Bob We Trust and Game OverThinker were moved permanently to his YouTube channel after his deal with ScrewAttack lapsed.

In 2018, Escapist Magazine resumed The Big Picture and Escape to the Movies with Chipman, as part of its Volume Two relaunch.


Web Series

All series produced and narrated by Chipman.

Year Title Notes
2008–2015 Game OverThinker Produced for ScrewAttack since 2010
2010–2015 Escape to the Movies Produced for The Escapist
2010–2015, 2018–present The Big Picture Produced for The Escapist
2015–present In Bob We Trust Produced for ScrewAttack until 2016
2015–present The All-New Game OverThinker Produced for ScrewAttack until 2016
2015–present Really That Good


Blogs and columns

Year Title Website(s) Notes
2005–present MovieBob Central Blogger (2005–2017), (2017–present)
2009–2015 Intermission The Escapist
2011 Extra Consideration The Escapist Recurring co-host rotation with Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw and Jim Sterling
2014–2015 High Definition The Escapist

Standalone books

  • Super Mario Bros. 3: Brick by Brick (2013) (ISBN 0-615-80610-4)

MovieBob Anthology (e-books)

  • Geek Streak: Bob Chipman on Geek Culture (2016)
  • Reel Breakdown: The Film Criticism of Bob Chipman (2016)
  • Superhero Cinema: Comics & Superhero Writing from Bob Chipman (2016)
  • Strange Hollywood: Bob Chipman On the Movie Business (2016)
  • Idiot Box: The Television Writing of Bob Chipman (2016)
  • Reel Retro: The Classic Film Criticism of Bob Chipman (2016)
  • Game Overthinker & Beyond: The Video Game Writing of Bob Chipman (2016)

Personal Life

Chipman graduated from Salem State University with a degree in interactive multimedia and film studies. He has a brother, Chris "Chippa" Chipman, with whom he frequently collaborates on a podcast.


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