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Alexandru Pompiliu Gâlmeanu (born 29 October 1978) is an editorial, advertising and experimental photographer and also a portrait, fashion and other categories related to human subject phtographer. He started his professional activity in 1998 and is known for taking a lot of portraits of personalities from Romania (Ilie Năstase, Nadia Comăneci, Gheorghe Hagi, Marcel Iureș, Victor Rebengiuc, Horațiu Mălaele, Gheorghe Dinică, or others), collaborations with national and international advertising (Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, In Style, Marie Clarie, Men’s Health, Elle, etc), as well as for making of national and international campaigns for brands as (Coca Cola, Orange, Audi, BMW, Samsung, Huawei, Raiffeisen, Philips, Toyota, BBC,etc)

Beginning of his career

Galmeanu started his photographic career in April 1992 at the age of 14 years old, learning how to take photos using the equipment existent in his family house, including a functional photo laboratory.

In 1993, Gâlmeanu published his first photography, the cover of magazine Salut, a Romanian magazine very popular among the young people of that time. Gâlmeanu tells that no one hired him for taking that picture, instead he did it because he wanted to see his picture published, he directed the photo himself ( a childhood friend dressed in a suit, photographed reading Salute magazine sinked in the Dambovita river) which he sent to the editorial address. Surprisingly after a while he discovered his photo published in the magazine.

Between 1994-1997 Galmeanu worked for Colegiul National “Matei Basarab” magazine while he was studying. In 1997 he had his first collaborations with Romanian editorials working from time to time with and local independent magazine called 2000 Plus.

In 1997 he starts his studies at Faculty of Arts of University Hyperion, at the section “Film image” but he doesn’t finish them.

Between 2009-2012, the photographer finishes his studies at the University of Art in Bucharest, section “Photography and computer processing of images"


Galmeanu started his professional photographic career in 1998, within the press trust Ringer, working with glossy magazines such as Unica, Bravo, TV Mania.

Between 1999-2002 within the press trust Ringer he became the main photographer of the Division of Ringer Magazine, being handed out to make magazine covers for editorials made there.

In 2001 he participates at diverse stages of studying in Zurich and Lausanne with editorials teams of RInger’s in Switzerland.

Starting with 2002, the photographer opens his own photo studio and his own company, expanding his collaborations with other press trusts ( Burda Romania, Edipresse, etc) and editorials ( Elle, Viva, Marie Claire, Esquire, GQ, Glamour, etc)

In the following years his collaborations expand towards advertising, where Gâlmeanu starts to work with important Romanian advertising agencies ( (Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann, McCann PR, Ogilvy, Mercury360, Publicis, TBWA/Merlin, Tempo, GMP, GMP PR, Centrade, FCB, Ceil, Leo Burnett RO, Leo Burnett Liban, Propaganda, etc), for which photographs many national and international campaigns for brands such as Coca Cola, Orange, Audi, BMW, Samsung, Huawei, Raiffeisen,Veet, Philips, Toyota, BBC, Rexona, Avon, Oriflame, Pantene, Always, Head & Shoulders, etc.

In 2003 he stars the project Anastasia, a photographic series in witch Anastasia comes every October at the studio to make a portrait. The project is on going and gathered already 17 images with physical and emotional transformations of Anastasia through time from child to woman.

Between 2004-2008 the artist starts a long-term collaboration with Stock4B, an photographic agency from Munchen specialized in production of stock images of high quality. Over 3000 pictures by Galmeanu go online on Getty Images. Through this collaboration Gâlmeanu benefit of specialized stages of preparation in Munchen, dedicated to stock images industry.

In Aprin 2005, Galmeanu organises his first solo exposition People I know, in one of the rooms of th National Museum of Contemporary of Bucharest. People I know it’s a collection of portraits of personalities of Romania. It was also presented in Paris (2008) and Toulouse (2010).

Starting 2006 the photographer starts the project (the museum of photography) which is an electic collection of archive photography identifying diverse archives or personal collections and he brings it in front of the public through this website. The author says that this is not an academic initiative but a signal of awareness of the fact that Romania needs a museum of photography. In this project among others Alex includes the oldest aerial picture of Bucharest.

In 2007 presentes "Ma Roumanie” at Nantes, France.

In 2009, he is working for the social project Project 112, where he photographed 24 masculine personalities of Romania. The series is a signal of awareness against the domestic violence, he is presenting the personalities as victims to underline the idea that the males are the main aggressors so the aggressors turn into victims, feeling on their on skin the consequences. Among the personalities there are: Ilie Năstase, Andi Moisescu, Dragoș Bucurenci, Lucian Mândruță, Andrei Gheorghe, Smiley, Catalin Stefanescu, etc. Project 112 was initially presented in Bucharest (2009) then at Iasi (2009), Timisoara (2009) Cluj (2009) and Suceava (2009).

In 2010 at the initiative of Pfizer Romania, Gâlmeanu curates "Romania- 50 de ani de istorie la feminin”, an expo in which the artist gathers 50 images from diverse archives, feminine portraits presented and organised on decades, like a celebration of Romanian femininity for the last 5 decades. The photo series was presented in Constanta, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara. Between 2009-2012 the photographer finishes his studies at The University of Art, Bucharest, specialization Photography and Computer Processing of the Image.

In september 2011, he presents Subjective portraits in Reykjavik,[1] Island in the Nordic House building. This project gathers photographies presenting diverse personalities from Romanian movies and theatre :Dragoș Bucur, Tudor Chirilă, Gheorghe Dinică, Șerban Ionescu, Vlad Ivanov, Marius Manole, Medeea Marinescu, Horațiu Mălăele, Oană Pellea, Dorotheea Petre, Florin Piersic Jr, Victor Rebengiuc, Crina Semciuc, Chris Simion, Ana Ularu, Andi Vasluianu, etc. Gâlmeanu was considered the first Romanian photographer who presented in Island.

Wedding images from 1970

Galmeanu found images from a '70 wedding after he bought a camera from a place near Birmingham , from the internet. He discovered inside an undeveloped film which proved to be pictures from a wedding, He tried to find the persons from the pictures and managed to do it with the help of BBC News.[2][3]


  • People I Know, Paris, April 2008;[4] Toulouse, France, May 2010[5]


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