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Adara Networks (stylized as “ADARA Networks”) is an American software company.


The company creates SDN infrastructure orchestration software[1] and provides cloud computing.[2] It has several dozen partners in its channel program.[3] Adara’s cloud software includes an SDI Visualizer for topological rendering, an SLA Manager for determining cost efficiency, and utilize Sirius Routers.[4] Afterwards the company developed its Horizon SDA Platform, which has an Ecliptic SDN controller, Axis vSwitch, SoftSwitch, and cloud computing engine.[5]

In 2008 Adara developed a networking electronic medical records project for the US Congress.[6][7] Adara has served on Industry Advisory Panels for the Congress as well.[8] The company has also held contracts with the Department of Defense, and spent its first ten years or so working in the public sphere before opening up to private companies,[9] including SMEs,[10] in 2011.[11] In 2012 Adara created a full stack network for its cloud,[12] and in 2013 its controller became open source.[13] Then in 2016, Adara partnered with Calient Technologies to develop an integrated SD-WAN.[14] The company’s CEO is Eric Johnson.[15]


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