2020 United States Men's Curling Championship

2020 United States Men's Curling Championship

The 2020 United States Men's Curling Championship will be held from February 8 to 15, 2020 at the Eastern Washington University Recreation Center in Spokane, Washington.[1] It will be held in conjunction with the 2020 United States Women's Curling Championship.

If the winning team meets certain prerequisites in terms of world ranking points (60 points year-to-date or ranked 70th or higher) they then earn the chance to represent the United States at the 2020 World Men's Curling Championship in Glasgow, Scotland from March 28 to April 5, 2020.[2]


There are three ways for teams to qualify for the championship:

  • Top five American teams in the World Curling Federation (WCF) World Team Ranking System on Dec 2, 2019[2]
    • Team Dropkin
    • Team Ruohonen
    • Team Shuster
    • Team Dunnam
    • Team Birr
  • Four teams from the 2020 United States Men's Challenge Round[3]
    • Team Brundidge
    • Team Kakela
    • Team Maerki
    • Team Violette
  • 2020 United States Junior Men's champions
    • TBD

Challenge Round

Sixteen teams competed at the 2020 United States Men's Challenge Round, held at the Grand Forks Curling Club in Grand Forks, North Dakota from January 2 to 5.[4] Through a triple knockout competition the top four teams secured a spot at the National Championship.[5] Jed Brundidge was the first to secure a spot, defeating Dominik Maerki in the 'A' bracket final. Maerki then dropped down to the 'B' bracket final and had another opportunity to play for a spot in the Nationals, but this time lost to Kyle Kakela who took the second Nationals berth. In the 'C' bracket Maerki finally earned their spot when they defeated Steven Birklid's team. On the other side of the 'C' bracket Luc Violette defeated Nicholas Connolly for the fourth and final Nationals berth.[6]


Ten teams will participate in the 2020 national championship.[7]

Skip Third Second Lead Alternate Locale
Korey Dropkin Tom Howell Mark Fenner Alex Fenson Joe Polo Chaska, Minnesota
Todd Birr Andrew Stopera Hunter Clawson Tom O’Connor Blaine, Minnesota
Jed Brundidge Evan Workin Jarl Timothy Wagner Cameron Rittenour Saint Paul, Minnesota
Scott Dunnam Alex Leichter Cody Clouser Andrew Dunnam Daniel Dudt Dresher, Pennsylvania
Kevin Kakela Kyle Kakela Timothy Hodek JP Munich
Greg Persinger (fourth) Rich Ruohonen (skip) Colin Hufman Phil Tilker Kroy Nernberger Chaska, Minnesota
John Shuster Chris Plys Matt Hamilton John Landsteiner Duluth, Minnesota
Dominik Maerki Stephen Dropkin Shawn Banyai Erik Quistgaard
Luc Violette Graem Fenson Ben Richardson Riley Fenson Jonathon Harstad Midland, Michigan


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