1st Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command Reserve Center


The 1st Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command Reserve Center, known officially as the 1st ARCEN or 1st AFPRESCEN, (Filipino: Pangunahing Sentrong Pangasiwaang Panlaang Kawal ng Pilipinas)[1] is one the Armed Forces of the Philippines Reserve Command's major reservist centers created for the sole purpose of Reserve Force management, procurement, and organization within the National Capital Region.

The unit is attached administratively to AFPRESCOM but remains under the Operational Control of JTF-NCR for most of its existence.


The AFPRESCOM Reserve Centers (AFPRESCEN) came in to light somewhere in 2012 during the incumbency of then AFPRESCOM Commander, BGEN NOEL S BUAN AFP. He saw the need to develop regional based centers, co-located within the AFP's respective Unified Commands, in order to address the needs and requirements of reservists all over the country. The primary mission of the ARCEN is provide a direct link between the AFP Unified Command and the reserve units as well as monitor activities of the reserve units in consonance with the Unified Command's overall campaign plan.[1]

Lineage of Commanding Officers

  • AFP Colonel Rank Insignia.jpg CAPT ZOSIMO DG JIMENEZ PN (MNSA)
  • AFP Lieutenant Colonel Rank Insignia.jpg LTC NATHANIEL O MARQUEZ MNSA (GSC) PA
  • AFP Colonel Rank Insignia.jpg COL SIMEON S TALOSIG INF (GSC) PA
  • AFP Lieutenant Colonel Rank Insignia.jpg CDR OLIVER P FERNANDEZ PN (MNSA)

AFP Reserve Force Mission

The mission of the reserve force is to function similarly to what their regular counterparts are doing. With this in mind, the overall mission of the AFP reserve force is as follows:

  • Base for expansion of the Regular Force in the event of war, invasion or rebellion within its AOP.[2][3][4]
  • Assist the Government in Relief and Rescue Operations in the event of Calamities or Disasters.[5][2][3][6][4]
  • Assist the Government in Socio-economic development and environmental concerns.[7][2][3][4]
  • Assist in the operation & maintenance of essential government and private utilities (e.g. power, telecommunications, water).[2][3][4]


The AFPRESCOM Reserve Center was activated to decentralize vital administrative and operational functions from AFPRESCOM. This unit is functional and capable of, but not limited to:[1]

  • Sustain reserve manpower build up of its reserve forces within its Area of Operation.
  • Enhance the administrative and operational capabilities of the different reservist and retiree affairs (RRA) implementing units of the AFP Reserve Command.
  • Establish direct command relationship between AFPRESCOM and the Unified Commands (JTF-NCR).


AFPRESCOM Table of Organization and Equipment showing the AFPRESCEN as an integral component.

Civil Military Reserve Units

  • 1st Civil Military Affairs Group (Reserve)[8]

Technical Service Reserve Units

  • 1st Technical & Administrative Service Brigade, National Capital Region (Reserve)[9][10]
  • Headquarters & Headquarters Service Support Group (Reserve)[11]
  • 101st Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)
  • 102nd Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)
  • 103rd Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)
  • 104th Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)
  • 105th Technical & Administrative Services Group (Reserve)

Affiliated Reserve Units

  • 1st (NGCP) Affiliated Power Division
  • 1st (UPHS) AFP Affiliated Reserve Medical Center[12]
  • 403rd (LEINAHEM) Transport Battalion
  • 406th (PHILTRANCO) Transport Battalion
  • 408th (Flying A) Transport Battalion
  • 409th (ACE) Transport Battalion
  • 501st (LWUA) Water Services Battalion[13]
  • 503rd (WMC) Water Services Battalion
  • 506th (NIA) Water Services Battalion
  • 601st (DSMC) Medical Service Battalion
  • 602nd (VMMC) Medical Service Battalion
  • 606th (EAMC) Medical Service Battalion
  • 701st (PHILCCOM) Signal Battalion
  • 704th (RCCI) Signal Battalion
  • 855th (AYIN) Electrical Engineering Services Battalion
  • 856th (G-BBDC) Construction Battalion
  • 857th (MSC) Engineering Construction Battalion
  • 903rd (KPI) Signal Battalion

Awards and decorations

Campaign Streamers

Award Streamer Streamer Name Operation Date Awarded Reference
Presidential Unit Citation (Philippines) Streamer.png Presidential Unit Citation Badge TS Haiyan/Bohol Earthquake/Zamboanga Siege 13 January 2014 General Orders No. 51, GHQ-AFP, dtd 13 January '14


Military Badge Badge Name Operation Date Awarded Reference
AFP HOPE Badge.png
AFP Election Duty Badge General Elections, Philippines 16 July 2017 General Orders No. 828, GHQ-AFP, dtd 16 Jul '17



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