1916 United States presidential election in Oklahoma

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The 1916 United States presidential election in Oklahoma took place on November 7, 1916, as part of the 1916 United States presidential election. Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly voted for the Democratic incumbent, Woodrow Wilson, over the Republican nominee, Associate Justice Charles Evans Hughes.[1]

Despite a strong showing from the Socialist candidate Allan L. Benson, the state was won handily by President Wilson. He garnered 50.65 percent of the vote, compared to Justice Hughes who won 33.25 percent of the vote. Wilson carries the state by a margin of 17.4 percent. Oklahoma proved to be the best showing for Benson of any state in this election, where he gained 15.45 percent the vote.[2]

This election continued the Democratic trend in the state. Oklahoma would only vote Republican in the elections of 1920 and 1928 until the trend flipped after the 1952 presidential election.


United States presidential election in Oklahoma, 1916[3]
Party Candidate Votes Percentage Electoral votes
Democratic Woodrow Wilson 148,123 50.67% 10
Republican Charles Evans Hughes 97,233 33.26% 0
Socialist Allan L. Benson 45,091 15.43% 0
Prohibition J. Franklin Hanley 1,646 0.56% 0
No candidate Progressive 187 0.02% 0
Invalid or blank votes
Totals 292,327 100.00% 10
Voter turnout


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